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Lionhearted Leader was born from the desire to help individuals and organizations achieve their maximum potential. There is nothing as awe inspiring as watching transformation that comes from self-analysis and action.  After decades of doing this work in the legal, business, and political areas, we have developed the secret sauce for systemic change and growth – which leads to economic and overall success.

Our goal is to leave an indelible imprint through proven “best practices” as well as highly effective evaluation and development methodologies and tools.

We work pragmatically, linking development plans with practical applications in the work environment, monitoring the integration process so that new strategies and skills are sustainable. 

Are you ready for highly training, successful teams and long-term growth?  Tell us your goals and let us help you get there.

Micha Star Liberty
Micha Star Liberty


Whether it was in politics or the law, I have spent my life focused on helping individuals and then extrapolating out to apply those “fixes” to have the most impact on society at large.  There is a little bit of magic in being able to help one person and then turning around to make sweeping improvements for the greater good.  That is the sweet spot from which Lionhearted Leader operates.

For the most part, my legal practice is focused on finding all the failures- all the safety nets that malfunctioned- that led to significant trauma inducing injuries. I find those breakdowns at every turn, and each time the root cause was because of a lack of training, a lack of investment in the work force, a lack of understanding, and a lack of accountability.

Identifying the problems is the easy part, but our work came in creating the solutions.

I have spent years collaborating with business owners, senior executives, and managers, as well as academics to develop trauma-informed methods and processes to train around the catastrophes and towards success and growth. 

The journey is not easy, but it is well worth it. 

Micha Star Liberty
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